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Paver Sealing Near Me in Tampa, FL

Looking for professional paver sealing services in Tampa, FL? Then you’re in the right place! We are D4S Pressure Washing, and when it comes to protecting your pavers, we’re ready to report for duty. “Why should I get my pavers sealed in the first place?” you might ask. Great question. It’s important to seal your pavers because, if you don’t, they’ll have to face the elements without any protection. So, every time it rains, hails, or snows, it will slowly erode the pavers. Over time, those pavers will lose their original texture and shine, perhaps even becoming cracked or shattered. Paver sealing prevents this damage from ever occurring in the first place! Make your pavers last longer without even lifting a finger with our help. To get started, all you have to do is contact us online and let us know that you need our help. Then, we can find a time and date that works for both of us. Finally, after confirming your appointment details, you can sit back and relax, knowing that we’ll be there to help you soon!

Once we arrive, we’ll begin the process of sealing your pavers. So, how exactly does that work? It’s actually not complicated by any means. We simply apply a transparent substance to your pavers and let it sit. Over the next two days, it will begin to harden, eventually transforming into a sleek, unnoticeable barrier. Just because it’s hard to see doesn’t mean it’s not putting the work in, though. As long as that protective shield is there, your pavers won’t be taking damage any time soon! 

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Paver Sanding In tampa, fl

Before sealing your pavers, we may need to do paver sanding first. We will add fine sand between the joints of your pavers, filling in those small gaps and preventing the pavers from shifting around. Once this is done, we can seal them as we normally would.

Paver Leveling

We won’t be able to seal your pavers if their heights don’t match up, which is where our paver leveling comes into play. Using paver sand, we can make sure each individual paver is level. That way, you don’t wind up stuck with an unfortunate tripping hazard.

Paver Resealing

If your original layer of sealant has almost completely worn away, it’s time to schedule our paver resealing services! Allow us to reinforce that protective barrier by adding another helpful coat of sealant to the surface. That way, your pavers remain protected for years to come.

Preparing for Paver Sealing Services in Miami, FL

Before we provide you with paver sealing services, you’ll want to prepare for the sealant’s drying process. It won’t be any good if you walk through sealant that hasn’t solidified yet. It’d be even worse if you drove your car through it. So, make sure you have a plan in place not to use that paver surface for the next two days. If you’re having us seal your driveway, park your vehicle on the curb, and be sure to walk around any sealed surfaces until they are dry. 

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Paver Sealing FAQs

Our paver sealant is a completely safe substance that dries when exposed to sunlight. It’s not harmful to the environment, and it’s not harmful to you, either. Just don’t step in it while it’s drying. The drying process can take anywhere between twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Our paver sealing “locks in” those pavers in their current state, protecting them from damage, wear, and tear. They won’t accumulate dirt and debris when shielded by sealant, either. So, you can expect them to remain bright and beautiful for years to come.

Pavers have natural gaps between them, and though these gaps may not be big, they’re big enough to allow the pavers to shift around. To prevent this shifting—and you from tripping—we’ll fill these gaps up with fine particles of sand. It only takes a few minutes.

Paver leveling is the process of ensuring all pavers are at the same height. Obviously, you don’t want any pavers to jut out awkwardly. This is yet another tripping hazard! Fortunately, it won’t take us long to make sure all pavers are at the same altitude using paver sand.

We find that sealant gets worn down over the course of three to five years, so if you’re overdue for paver resealing, don’t wait to let us know about it. Call us at 813-701-0277 to schedule your appointment.

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