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Concrete Cleaning Near Me in Tampa, FL

When your concrete is dark and grimy from years’ worth of debris, it’s a sign that you need our professional concrete cleaning services. However, you should probably take some time to get to know us first! We’re D4S Pressure Washing, and we are Tampa’s #1 pressure washing business. We have cleaned all sorts of different surfaces for our clients, but concrete surfaces might be the ones we work with the most! Fortunately, cleaning concrete isn’t a difficult process. Here’s how we do it. We begin by putting a special substance called sodium hypochlorite on the concrete. Then, we give the chemical some time to weaken the debris caked onto the surface. This even kills organic matter such as moss and algae. Finally, once the sodium hypochlorite has finished working its magic, we will pressure wash the concrete, making it completely clean in no time at all! If we somehow wind up discovering stains and marks that still won’t go away, we will treat them with another round of chemical treatment until they have been destroyed for good.

The good news is that our concrete cleaning services are the right choice no matter what size your project is. Maybe you’d like us to wash a small patio; perhaps you need us to take on an entire parking garage. In either case, we’ll get the job done to your complete satisfaction. That also means we’ll provide you with a satisfying price. How much you’ll pay us depends on how much concrete you need us to wash, but you can get a cost estimate today if you’d like. Just contact us online with details about your concrete surface, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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What We Do

Our Services

Driveway Cleaning

Driveway cleaning is a simple job for the team at D4S Pressure Washing. Just show us the driveway, and we’ll use our surface cleaners to wash the area in no time. How long does it take? Just an hour or two. You can thank our hard-working, fast-acting team for the speedy results.

Patio Cleaning

During a patio cleaning appointment, if you need us to remove patio furniture and other items from the surface, we’ll begin by doing that. Then, we’ll methodically remove all the dirt and debris from the area, turning your patio into a clean and soothing place to spend your free time.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Our sidewalk cleaning is the perfect choice no matter how much sidewalk you need us to wash! It could be a small stretch of pavement in front of your home, or it could be a sprawling network of paths that navigate your entire shopping center. Either way, we’ll surface clean all that area in a quick and timely manner!

Commercial Concrete Cleaning Services in Miami, FL

If you are in charge of your own business, you shouldn’t overlook our concrete cleaning services. That’s because grimy concrete scares customers away, and on the flip side, clean concrete brings them in! Obviously, you want your commercial property to be as appealing to the eye as possible. It’s just good for business. That’s why you should have us come over and pressure wash your parking lots, sidewalks, and other concrete structures. You can even maximize your business’s curb appeal by scheduling a complete commercial pressure washing appointment. Learn more about how it works here.

Concrete Cleaning Companies Tampa, FL

What You Need To Know

Concrete Cleaning FAQs

We can wash just about anything that’s made of concrete! Some examples of this include driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, parking lots, parking garages, and more. 

Our pressure washing will not damage concrete surfaces under any circumstances. Additionally, our team takes all the necessary precautions to protect themselves, too. They wear eyewear and earplugs, and they handle pressure washing equipment with care during every appointment!

Concrete cleaning pre-treatment refers to when we put sodium hypochlorite on your concrete at the beginning of your appointment. This deteriorates any present debris so we can more easily wash it away. Sodium hypochlorite is safe for both concrete and the environment.

You don’t have to wait around and watch us work if you’ve got better things to do. We only need you to be there at the beginning of the appointment so you can accept our upfront quote. After that point, you’re free to go wherever you’d like. We’ll just keep on working until your concrete is clean.

The final cost of our concrete cleaning services varies based on how much surface area you need us to wash. We’ll always provide you with an upfront quote at the beginning of your appointment, but if you don’t want to wait that long, call us at 813-701-0277 to get a free estimate now!

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